St. Teresa’s Community of Prayer

When you wake up this Friday and at some point think about those in need of prayer, please turn your focus on the following people:

Sue is suffering from terminal cancer and is being cared for by her husband Martin.

John has had the trauma of being diagnosed and treated for bowel cancer but is now ruled by fear of it returning again – so much so that he is too frightened to have a colonoscopy (bowel camera investigation).

Kevin has just had the diagnosis of bowel cancer given to him and obviously has many preconceived ideas as to what this means for him and his family. He is currently waiting , day by day, night by night for a scan to determine how far it has spread in his body.

Carol suffers with chronic lung disease which makes everyday breathing a real struggle. Unfortunately she recently injured herself making her breathing even more difficult. This has led to her developing an infection in the lining of her lungs.

Brendan and his wife Jennifer have remained lifelong friends of parishioners Phil and Eileen Waters despite the fact they now live many miles away in Surrey. Around the time of the first lockdown Brendan was diagnosed with dementia which has progressed so rapidly that he now lives in a care home. One of the saddest effects of this terrible illness is the frustration felt by their loved ones who are unable to do anything to help. This includes Jennifer and their four adult children. Lockdowns and travel restrictions have made it impossible to even just be with Brendan and Jennifer during this awful time.

These are real people whose lives have profoundly touched people in our own church community.

Please remember them in your prayers and offer them up to the Lord.

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