Welcome to St Teresa’s in Cleveleys

St Teresa & St John Southworth Roman Catholic Churches, Cleveleys.

In WORSHIP we will be welcoming and inclusive in liturgy and prayer. We will have a liturgy in which all, young and old, can take a full and active part.

In WITNESS we will make Christ better known through the spiritual growth and education which the Parish provides and by the way we live our daily lives. 

In SERVICE we will share responsibility for the faith and life of our Parish and the wider community. We will speak of the Gospel through action, in particular for caring for those in need. We will use the many gifts of our Parish Community for the good of all.

Latest News:

Coronovirus Status: Masses are back to normal but remain mindful that the new strains of virus and consequent safety guidance, may mean that we have to implement changes, possibly at the last minute. Please keep checking our website and Parish Bulletin for updates.

“Holiness consists simply in doing God’s will, and being just what God wants us to be.” St Tersea of Lisieux

Our Churches

St Teresa’s

The foundation stone for our church was laid in 1936 by Bishop Pearson amidst much pomp and splendour, courtesy of the band of St.Vincent`s Orphanage. The opening of the church took place on May 2nd. 1937 and was originally built to hold 250 people. 

The building evolved over the years, funded primarily by its parishioners but also schemes such as the request by Fr. John Baron for Summer tourists to donate “a shilling a brick”. This, along with many other innovative fund raising events finally led to St. Teresa’s Church as we know it by August 1964, two years after the Silver Jubilee. 

And then what? Bricks and mortar continued to play their part with the building of Cardinal Allen High School in the late ‘60’s and St Teresa’s Primary School in 1972. But it was the parishioners themselves who were to take the thread of the story of St Teresa’s forward. Vatican II changed many things in the church. In the 1970’s Latin masses were replaced, the priest no longer had his back to the congregation and in the early 80’s we had communion under both kinds. New ministries were called for and the parishioners responded with  Eucharistic Ministers, music ministers and Children’s Liturgists to name but a few.

Our church has grown. Originally built for 250 people, the  children’s liturgy mass alone on Christmas Eve 2019 hosted 450. We have grown spiritually also and we are now modernising our ability to evangelise by embracing new digital technologies. The world is changing. The church is changing. St. Teresa’s response is in the hands of its parishioners. Come and join us.

St John Southworth’s

The Parish of St. John Southworth serves the northern area of Cleveleys. In the 1960’s the increased building of houses in that area led to the Bishop deciding to establish a new parish. Fr.Alban Cochrane was appointed as the first parish priest, and at first established a worshipping Catholic community by saying Mass in peoples houses. As the congregation grew they moved to the Durban pub, situated on the sea front and then Northfold Primary School. In 1970 the church was built and opened. It was intended to be a temporary building, before a larger church could be built, which due to cost was never built. In any case the original wooden church developed into a dual-purpose building as both church and parish hall.

St. John Southworth’s became the foundation of local community activity as well as worship, becoming increasingly busy. The addition of an annexe meant good provision for a Play School, and for groups like the Brownies and Guides. Parish social celebrations were well attended, and community outreach was achieved through groups like the St. Vincent de Paul Society (the SVP).

In the 21st century St. John Southworth has seen a decline and when Fr.Gerry Dunn  retired from being Parish Priest in 2018, the Parish Priest of St. Teresa’s was appointed as Priest – in – charge. The parishioners remain firmly attached to the church, and are still involved in the local community.

Mass and Services

Weekday Mass times may vary from week to week due to the liturgical year, feast days, funerals or to accommodate school holidays. Check the latest Weekly Bulletin on the news page for up-to-date details, a general schedule is below.

The 10:30 Sunday Mass is live-streamed and we hope to increase service in the future. See our live-streaming section.

Mass @ St Teresa

Saturdays (Vigil Mass) : 18:30 Sundays : 09:00 and 10:30
Weekdays : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 09:30

Mass @ St John Southworth

Sundays : 17:00
Weekdays : Wednesday : 09:30


By appointment.

Sacramental Programmes

We run popular programmes for Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).

Our First Communion programme runs in the Spring and is typically for children aged 7 (school year 3) and over. The Confirmation programme runs in the Autumn for children aged 11 (school year 7) and above. Preparation classes for parents and children are run in the lead up.

Baptisms and Marriages are by arrangement and we ask that you attend preparation for both.

For further information on joining one of these Sacramental Programmes or becoming a Catholic as an adult through the RCIA programme, please contact the Parish Priest.


from smallest to greatest

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centred, loving and nurturing learning-community. Uniting home, school and Parish, we strive to support, guide and develop the uniqueness of every individual’s God-given gifts and talents.

Email: admin@st-teresa.blackpool.sch.uk

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School
St George’s Avenue
Phone: 01253 852457

Giving and Donations

St. Teresa’s, like any household needs a regular financial income to deal with the ordinary everyday expenses it incurs. Usually this income comes from yourselves as a weekly cash donation or through the church envelope scheme. For this we are extremely grateful. 

Ideally it would be best if regular weekly or one-off payments were made by standing order which both reduces administrative charges and allows for better financial planning. 

Better still if you are a taxpayer, registering for ‘Gift Aid’ will allow the church to claim an extra 25% from the government on whatever you donate. There is a simple form to fill in which can be done via the link below and returned to the church or please see Fr. Cousens after Mass.

Gift Aid Declaration Form 2020-2021

To set up a standing order or give a one-off donation your bank will need these details either personally or through on-line banking.

St Teresa’s

  • Bank: HSBC Bank PLC Market St Lancaster
  • Sort Code: 40-27-02
  • Account Number: 51334778
  • Account Short Name: Parish of St Teresa – Cleveleys
  • Account Full Name: LRCDTR Charity No 234331 Parish of St Teresa – Cleveleys

St John Southworth’s

  • Bank: HSBC Bank PLC Market St Lancaster
  • Sort Code: 40-27-02
  • Account Number: 51334786
  • Account Short Name: Parish of St John Southworth
  • Account Full Name: LRCDTR Charity No 234331 Parish of St John Southworth

Occasionally, extra-ordinary costs to the church may occur for example for special projects. If these do occur, you will be notified of any change in account details.

Contact Information

Fr Chris Cousens Tel: 01253 853340
Rev Bernard Ward (Deacon) Tel: 01253 858346
Enquiries for St John Southworth Tel: 01253 853340

Email: st.teresas.cleveleys@gmail.com

St Teresa’s Catholic Church,
The Presbytery,
St Teresa’s Avenue,

Please contact us here (name, email, message):

About our Parish Clergy

Fr Chris Cousens

Born in 1951 and raised in Preston, Father Chris was ordained in 1975 for the Lancaster diocese. After serving in several parishes and teaching at Upholland priest training college he eventually came to Cleveleys and St. Teresa’s where he has been our shepherd for many years. His open and all embracing personality has characterised the nature of the church where parishioners of all ages have felt warmly received, accepted and welcomed. He is a keen member of the ‘Churches Together in Cleveleys’ ecumenical group and has supported many of the group’s  joint projects. He is a master of bad jokes but for some reason the congregation still laugh (no ‘s’) – it must be love!

Deacon Bernard Ward

Bernard Ward is the permanent Deacon of St Teresa’s and St John Southworth’s. Ordained in 1998, he has been a member of the Parish of St Teresa’s for over 40 years, having been originally born and raised in Bolton. Before retirement he was a small business owner in the local community. Bernard has been married to his wife Sue (a member of the Parish Council) and is about to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary! They are blessed with a daughter, two sons and three grandchildren. He, and indeed Sue, have been the glue that have held St. Teresa’s and its numerous parish groups together for many years. He is the order which allows inspiration to express itself. He and Father Chris make a great team.

Fr Christopher Webb was born in Salford, but grew up in Tyldesley. He studied in Dublin and London and was ordained in 1984 for the Westminster Diocese. In 1992 he joined the RAF and retired in 2005 to care for his mother who had dementia. Fr Chris lives in the parish, and we are grateful that he helps out by celebrating Mass when he can.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, also called St. Teresa of the Child Jesus or the Little Flower, original name Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin, (born January 2, 1873, Alençon, France—died September 30, 1897, Lisieux; canonized May 17, 1925; feast day October 1), Carmelite nun whose service to her Roman Catholic order, although outwardly unremarkable, was later recognized for its exemplary spiritual accomplishments. She was named a doctor of the church by Pope John Paul II in 1997. She is a patron saint of missions and of florists.

Thérèse was the youngest of nine children, five of whom survived childhood. After her mother died of breast cancer in 1877, Thérèse moved with her family to Lisieux. In the deeply religious atmosphere of her home, her piety developed early and intensively. All four of her elder sisters became nuns, and at the age of 15 she entered the Carmelite convent at Lisieux, having been refused admission a year earlier. Although she suffered from depression, scruples—a causeless feeling of guilt—and, at the end, religious doubts, she kept the rule to perfection and maintained a smiling, pleasant, and unselfish manner. Before her death from tuberculosis, she acknowledged that, because of her difficult nature, not one day had ever passed without a struggle. Her burial site at Lisieux became a place of pilgrimage, and a basilica bearing her name was built there (1929–54).

The story of Thérèse’s spiritual development was related in a collection of her epistolary essays, written by order of the prioresses and published in 1898 under the title Histoire d’une âme (“Story of a Soul”). Her popularity is largely a result of this work, which conveys her loving pursuit of holiness in ordinary life. St. Thérèse defined her doctrine of the Little Way as “the way of spiritual childhood, the way of trust and absolute surrender.” She was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and was the youngest person to be designated a doctor of the church.

In 2015 Thérèse’s parents, Saints Louis Martin and Marie-Azélie Guérin, were canonized by Pope Francis I; they were the first spouses to be canonized together as a couple.