Prayer makes a difference

St.Teresa’s Church Community of Prayer

Prayer matters.

For reasons we may not understand, lifting someone up to the love of God, be it directly or through the added prayer of Mary or one of the Saints, matters.

Your prayer matters.

And that is why, as a parish community it is important that we support our fellow parishioners and their loved ones with the prayers of St.Teresa’s parish community.

So if you feel you, or your loved ones, or some stranger you’ve only just met or heard about, would benefit from having the power of St. Teresa’s parish prayer behind them, let me know.

Reply by tapping with your finger or left clicking with your computer mouse on (or email me from your usual email address) and tell me as much or as little as you would like to share with the parish prayer community. You can even send a picture of the person/persons concerned if you like. Usually when we pray we are asking for something but don’t forget that

prayers of thanks or praise are just as important.

Sent with every blessing.

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (May 2010 Adam Bajkowski)

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