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6 March 2022


Lancaster Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered Charity Number 23433

: First Sunday of Lent

Contents:  ​Gospel


Reflections for the coming week

We Remember In Our Prayers  Lynn Barlow and Ray Hargreaves whose Funerals were last week, Gerry Moran whose Funeral is at St. Teresa’s on Friday 11th March at 1.30 pm, and Jean Unsworth (Sue Ward’s mother) whose Funeral Mass is at St. Teresa’s on Thursday 17th March at 12 noonand David Baker whose Funeral is atCarleton Crematorium on Friday, 18th March at 10 am. We remember them and their families, and all those whose anniversaries are at this time. May they be in God’s peace.

THIS WEEKEND THERE IS A SPECIAL COLLECTION AT ALL MASSES FOR THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE.   As we all know, they are in desperate need of us to be as generous as we can.

The Annual CAFOD Lenten Family Fast Day  is next Friday, 11th March. Sue is kindly speaking to us about that at Mass this Sunday.

During Lent the Stations of the Cross, with Benediction  is celebrated at St.Teresa’s each Sunday at 3 pm

There Is A Day of Renewal led by Sean Booth, a Lay Missionary with St. Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. This is at St. Clare’s Church, Preston this Saturday 19th March, 

10 am – 4 pm. The day starts  at 10 am with Mass in St. Clare’s Church, Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9HH, and has as its Title the scripture quotation “When anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible” Ephesians 5 : 13. Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee are available. Please see the notice at the back of church, or for further information contact Christine Tel. 07745 009694 or Annette Tel. 07954 429333.  

100 Club Winners for February  :  Janice Hinton  £15,  Margaret Rennison  £10,  Gina Waddington  £5

Church Flowers At St. Teresa’s :    Unfortunately the ladies who have for many years done the flowers at Easter and Christmas have had to finish. We are very grateful for all they have done for us in the past, but if anyone is interested in taking this on please contact Jane Collier (Tel. 01253 864704) or Fr. Chris  (01253 853340).

The following are the central points which parishioners made in our recent discussion for the world wide Synod in Rome: –

*That at the centre of our Christian Catholic Faith, as for all Christians, is not just an institution or organisation, but Jesus himself, and his way of love, compassion and forgiveness.

*It is knowing that love (the ‘Good News’) which empowers us to share our love and lives with others, whoever they are. This is not just our own personal mission, so ‘walking together‘  with others, and sometimes hearing their different views is so important.

*We could think of many examples of love shared for others in this parish, with at the last count over 100 of our parishioners having a named role in the parish (partly a legacy of the Stewardship Programme), plus those who have some charitable role outside it, as in the Food Bank, the Charity Shops, the Hospice and Hospital, and through CAFOD and the St. Vincent de Paul Society (the SVP).Those who try to have a mission in life take it seriously.

*One of the problems in working together is that each weekend Mass has its own community – three different communities from three different Masses. Because of regular same-Mass attendance, some parishioners have never met before. We should seek ways of bridging such gaps, especially when the social life of the parish has suffered in recent times.

*But, everybody has choices. Some prefer to come to church, and leave without really getting to know others. Some people are not used to being involved, and we must be sensitive to that. As regards our relationship with other local Christian Churches, the clergy have very good relations through regular meetings, including prayer. Joint Services take place regularly too. Our parishioners attend very well when such a Service takes place in our own church – on the last occasion about 70 of our parishioners were present – but when in another church little more than 6 attend. We are strongly encouraged to be better than that, as ‘walking with other Christians’ is essential to our mission to share the Good News of Jesus.

*Speaking of a wider context, our Catholic Church seems to be disadvantaged at times by infighting and opposition. The Pope has other people around him who seem to control what he does, or so it appears. The governance of our Church appears to be clouded by mystery to many people. We have such little knowledge of what really happens, and how.  The new translation of the Mass and its prayers is a case in point. People wonder how such a poor English translation could have been made, with words and phrases beyond our normal English expression, leading to poor and difficult communication. Overall we need more access to information about the running of our Church. And we need to feel we can be involved and heard, especially as  the Synod itself is to be based on ‘listening’. It should not be just us who are doing the listening.

*One great sadness people feel has been caused by the scandals which have taken place in our Catholic Church. Along with everyone else, all Catholics have been deeply affected by them, and by the ways the Church has dealt with them, and are also deeply sorry for the victims.  People are aware that church-going numbers have decreased in recent times, and in discussion we became aware that practising Catholics are sometimes really challenged by, for example, friends or work-colleagues who ask “How can you belong to a Church, or go to church, when such terrible scandals have taken place”. The challenge may be understandable, but it could remind us to thank God that individuals still hold on to their faith even when for different reasons times are hard or near impossible to understand.

*Overall, we appreciate that with the upcoming Synod Pope Francis has invited us to ‘have our say’. Our real hope is that it will make a difference.

Daily Reflections for this week

Monday (Bernard of Clairvaux)

He who gave himself to us when we did not deserve it certainly deserves a great deal from us. What glory is it to have what you do not know you have? And to know what you have, but not to know that it does not originate with you is to have glory, but not before God. Yet it is difficult for anyone, having received from God the power to will freely, to give up our will wholly to God and not rather will things for ourselves. We are tempted to treat what we have been given as our own and clutch it to ourselves. The faithful, though, know how utterly they stand in need of Jesus and him crucified. They are ashamed not to respond to such love and deserving with the little they have.

Scripture (Deuteronomy 26:7-11)

The Lord heard our voice and saw our misery, our toil and our oppression; and God brought us out of Egypt with mighty hand and outstretched arm, with great terror and with signs and wonders. He brought us here and has given us this country, a country flowing with milk and honey. Hence, I now bring you the first fruits of the soil that you, Lord have given me.” You will then lay them before the Lord your God, and prostrate yourself in the presence of the Lord your God.

Tuesday (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

The disciple who would follow Jesus but first wanted to bid farewell to those at home (Luke  9:61) thinks that following Christ means he must make the offer on his own initiative, as if it were a career he had mapped out for himself. Although he is ready enough to throw in his lot with Jesus, he succeeds in putting up a barrier between himself and the Master. The disciple places himself at the Master’s disposal, but at the same time retains the right to dictate his own terms. By making his offer on his own terms, he alters the whole position, for discipleship can tolerate no conditions which might come between Jesus and our obedience to him. 

Scripture (James 4:5-8,10)

Do you not see that love for the world is hatred for God? Can you not see the point of the saying in scripture ‘The longing of the spirit he sent to dwell in us is a jealous longing?’ But he has given us an even greater grace, as scripture says : God opposes the proud but accords his favour to the humble. Give in to God, then. The nearer you go to God, the nearer he will come to you. Clean your hands, you sinners, and clear your minds, you waverers. Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up.

Wednesday (Julian of Norwich)

This is our Lord’s will: that our prayer and our trust should be equally generous. For if our trust is not as generous as our prayer we cannot worship God to the full, and we hinder and harm ourselves. Sometimes it seems we have been praying a long time and still do not have what we ask. I am sure that what our Lord means is that we should see what he does, and pray that it should be done. One is not enough without the other. It is our Lord’s will that, whatever he plans to do, we should pray for it, either in particular or in general. The joy and delight it gives him, and the thanks and the glory we shall be given because of it, pass all understanding.

Scripture (Romans 12:1-2)

I urge you, brothers and sisters, remembering the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, dedicated and acceptable to God; that is the kind of worship for you, as sensible people. Do not model your behaviour on the present world, bu tlet the renewing of your minds transform you, so that you may discern for yourselves what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and mature.

Thursday (Thomas Merton)

I am thinking of the disease which is spiritual pride that gets into the hearts of the saints and eats their sanctity away before it is mature. As soon as they have done something they know to be good in the eyes of God, they tend to take its reality to themselves and to make it their own. They tend to destroy their virtues by claiming them for themselves and clothing their own private illusion of themselves with values that belong to God. Who can do good things without seeking to taste in them some sweet distinction from the common run of sinners in this world? When a proud man thinks he is humble his case is hopeless.

Scripture (Psalm 119:1-5,10-12)

How blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the Law of the Lord! Blessed are those who observe his instructions, who seek him with all their hearts, and doing no evil, who walk in his ways. You lay down your precepts to be carefully kept. May my ways be steady in doing your will. With all my heart I seek you, do not let me stray from your commandments. In my heart I treasure your promises, to avoid sinning against you. Blessed are you, Lord, teach me your will.

Friday (Thomas a Kempis)

Christ: I do not cease to speak to all today; but many are hardened, and deaf to my voice. Many listen more willingly to the world than to God, and would rather follow the desires of the body than the good pleasure of God. The world promises passing pleasures of little worth, and is served with greater eagerness. I promise eternal and rich rewards, yet people’s hearts are indifferent to them. Shame on you that those of the world are more ready for damnation than you are for salvation; for they are more wholehearted in vanity than you in Truth. Write my words on your heart and meditate on them earnestly.

Scripture (Luke 4:5-8)

Then, leading Jesus to a height the devil showed him in a moment all the kingdoms of the world, and said to him. ‘I will give you all this power and their splendour, for it has been handed over to me to give it to anyone I choose. Do homage to me, then, and it shall all be yours.’ But Jesus answered him ‘Scripture says: You must worship the Lord your God, him alone must you serve.’

Martin Bennett

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