Aiming for Easter- The Video Projector Screen

As many of you will now know, we have also invested in a Video Projector Screen.  

Although these pictures don’t do it full justice it gives you an idea of what it looks like. It has been successfully tried out and I am pleased to say that most people have found it helpful. It means that when sharing the Mass we can keep our eye line more towards what is happening on the altar than our boots and for those of us with poor short sight it is easy to read the Mass readings and responses even from the back of church. As for the future, we hope that when our church does reopen we will also be allowed to sing out the praises of God and to help that we will have the hymn lyrics added to the readings and responses on the screen. Looking beyond Easter it would be nice to have photos on the screen before mass of the people for whom Mass is being said and Wedding and Funeral services might also be enhanced by use of the projector screen. 

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