Aiming for Easter: the website

So what kind of things are we hoping to have in place by Easter for the website?

Firstly we need to try and cut out any glitches as we go along so it’s important you use the website and report anything you don’t think is right. 

We hope to have ‘buttons’ you can press which will let you know what is happening in the church and it’s groups that week and also know what is going on socially in the parish hall. 

I think it would be nice to have prayer reminders on the news page of events happening on a daily basis such as funerals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc with a picture of the people involved and maybe even a little bio about the people involved so that we might feel more connected to the people we are praying for. 

It might also be useful to have reminders of specific events appear on the website and in your emails such as “Stations of the Cross at 7.30pm tonight”.

For this to happen you must go to the bottom of the news posts page and put your email in the box inviting you to have news posts sent to your email: then press the button marked “yes please”.

The possibilities are immense but we must learn to walk before we can run – but by Easter? Who knows!

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE THE “CONTACT US” BUTTON. We value any ideas or comments and will reply to you. God bless you all. 


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