Christmas 2020 at St Teresa’s

A Big Thank You : Fr. Chris C, Fr. Chris W. and Deacon Bernard thank you most sincerely for all the cards, gifts and offerings you have so generously given them this Christmas, and for being alongside them this Season either in church or from home. Thank you too to Peter, our organist at St.Teresa’s, whose playing at all five Masses there gave us the beauty and warmth of music at a time when the Covid regulations do not allow us to sing, and to those who prepared both our churches for Christmas through cleaning, and arranging the flowers, the cribs, and the trees. It is very much appreciated. But of course this year our celebration has needed special arrangement and organisation because of the current pandemic. All the work Bernard and Sue and all their helpers at St. Teresa’s and Brian and Heather,
and Bernadette at St. John Southworth did, meant we had well-planned arrangements and safe spaces to worship in. The booking system and seating arrangements at St. Teresa’s meant a lot of work over three weeks for Bernard and Sue. We all hope that they know it paid off. in the trouble-free placement of people
at all five Masses. Well done, and thank you.

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