Parish Newsletter 31st January 2021

Sunday : Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time Contents:   The Gospel Reflection Notices  (Including details of Live-Streamed Mass) Reflections for the coming week Gospel: Mark 1:21-28 Jesus and his followers went as far as Capernaum, and as soon as the sabbath came Jesus went to the synagogue and began to teach.  And his teaching made aContinue reading “Parish Newsletter 31st January 2021”

The meaning of ‘Subscription’

Just a note to those of you who worry about scams etc. When you click on the news page of the new website that you would like new posts from St Teresa’s to go direct to your emails, you are asked to “confirm your Subscription”. This is ‘computer-talk’ and subscription only means that you wishContinue reading “The meaning of ‘Subscription’”