Memorable sermons

The theme of this week’s readings got me thinking about one of the few homilies I have remembered over the years. It was whilst I was a student in Manchester and it was at the Holy Name church which was run by the Jesuit priests.

The priest asked the congregation to consider all the different languages there are in the world and to ask themselves which language would be the language spoken in Heaven. Would it be English or Anglo/American? What about Spanish or even Chinese? All of these are widely spoken languages across the world but the priest felt that none of these would be the language of Heaven.

His assertion was that The Language in Heaven would be the language of Love, and that if that were the case, our task whilst on earth should be to learn as much of that language as we can. And the more we practice the language of love, the more familiar we will become with it and the more we will feel at home in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Can you recall any sermons that have stayed in your thoughts through the years? Why not share them with me and I will hopefully be able to share it with our website users. Let me know if I can say who shared it with our group.

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