Technology update for 14th February 2021

Again, apologies over the audio issues, which we recognise has been the bugbear of our live streaming efforts and is the major impediment for our parishioners. You will notice that there is audio for the readings and sermon, but completely absent from the rest of the Mass. This is because the lapel microphone wire that has been used successfully since November 2020 broke at exactly the time Mass started. You can’t make these things up… We have confirmed this was the issue and are purchasing multiple additional wires for the future, but cannot undue this week.

On the positive side, the video was of high quality with no judder or breaks. This is because the new WiFi system that we installed yesterday worked perfectly today. We have brought high quality broadband wirelessly into St Teresa’s which enables us to stream and provide other digital services simply and with high quality.

All we can do is to communicate what we are doing and when things go wrong, explain clearly what happened and how we will fix it in the future.

Next week, we will concentrate on getting the Mass streaming right and not make any changes to the technology.

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